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Member of:
The American Orchid Society
Beaverbrook Art Gallery
Fredericton Botanic Garden
The Canadian Orchid Congress
2009 PEI Garden Show

OP provides information on reproduction, habitat and description of orchids. OP also presents Eugenia's paintings and aspires to serve its customers through personalized services.
Involvements: AOS, Miami Orchid Fest, Family.

Our History

The past:  The story of Eugenia & Jorge begins on 1975, when decided to become a couple. They were born in Tucumán, NW Argentina, and both graduated from National University in 1981 with a Bachelor of Agriculture degree. Jorge's soon-to-be wife, Eugenia, encouraged him to buy a farm and the couple began working together in organic crops, gardening and livestock. At the same time they were teaching agronomy at the University.
The farm, “El Ombú” continued to grow steadily until 2000 when Dietrich’s Family moved to Canada.

The Present:
 Eugenia & Jorge decided to move to the welcoming Canada, looking for opportunities for their 4 kids. Soon after, the family became Canadians. Working all together as a team, plus the support of the Canadian Government and marvellous organizations such MCAF and YMCA, they could proudly achieve: a new home, many friends, 3 children at the University, the youngest daughter is involved with CISV, Jorge his MBA degree and Eugenia developed her passion for painting, just to point out some of their accomplishments.

The Future: Orchids' Petals was incorporated at the beginning of 2005. After a demanding period of setting up facilities and growing  up  its earlier  produced.

orchids, OP is far advanced from its original business plan, based on the owners' background. The impetus behind OP's effort has always been quality and environment care to share with those with a passion for plants, gardening and art. The years to come hold great promise for OP as it continues increasing its orchid varieties stock and Eugenia's art creations, as well as it explore opportunities to serve its customers using new technologies, all with the goal of building up a leading position in New Brunswick and treating its customers like VIPs.

Awards & Grants: · Best Pilot Project, Royal Dutch Industries Fairs for Animal Husbandry, 1988 · Argentinean Scientific & Technological Research Council, 1984-88 · Dubai International Award for Best Practices in Improving the Living Environ-ment, 2000 ·  YMCA LearnSave, 2004 · NB Government, 2005.